About Us


Our Mission

We are a Research and Development agency with a track record of turning ideas into tangible solutions. Our goal is to promote Big Data Analytics and Development as a Service (DAAS) and empower agencies to focus on their core competencies without sacrificing on budget or technology. Our focus is Machine Learning; however, we also maintain the products for our clients “if requested". We are led by two simple principles, Trust and Focus. The core of our business is trust, trust that we will deliver on what we promise and that we will treat your project as though it was made for ourselves. We achieve this through a laser focus on our clients.

Our Team

We have a team with broad experience to build entire products from Design to Frontend and Backend.

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K Waheed

Data Scientist

KW has years of experience in creating AI solutions he brings a mixture of academia and practical experience to PZ.

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Zirsha Riaz

CEO / Director

Zirsha has always been an entrepreneur, starting her career on well-known freelancing sites and deploying over 100 Projects in under a year with a 4.8 rating by her clients.

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Ali Abbas

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer / Team Lead

Young and Enthusiast ML Engineer with 2 Years of experience in Machine Learning Algorithms and AI. Ali is a specialist in AI models and application.

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Tayyab Ishfaq

Senior Python Full stack developer

Tayyab is a software engineer who loves building web apps using python programming language and java script along with Django / flask web technologies. He is leading the respective department. He also plays an important role in problem solving for the respective team.

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Talha Rajpoot

Technical Project Manager

Experienced in developing Health Sector and Machine Learning/AI projects. Maintaining the quality work, managing different teams in the fast paced and peaceful environment as a Project Manager.

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Hamza Naeem

C++ Developer

CV/NLP/C++ Developer. I am an experienced NLP & CV expert with experience in building great and efficient Computer Vision applications. I am well-versed in using a combination of both the front-end and the back-end technologies mostly in C++ with Qt framework.

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Faraz Javaid

Senior Front-end Developer

Faraz Javaid is front-end expert who loves to make stunning, eye-caching and attractive design. He is skilled, hardworking and so dedicated to his work. He have command on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Ajax. He have successfully delivered a number of projects to customers and have skillful code experience.

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Sr. React Native Developer

Experienced IOS, Android Application Development & React Native Application Development. Abdullah has created many embedded system base projects and also android applications like rental App.

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Huzaifa Osal

C++ Developer

Mechatronics and control engineer. I am good at making machines autonomous mostly mobile robots. I am interested in C++ Machine Learning/AI. Mostly working with Qt framework.

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Abdul Mateen

Machine Learning Engineer

Abdul has publications in machine learning. He enjoys completing machine learning and deep learning research projects using python. Abdul fully understand the internal functioning of algorithms.

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Muzammil Freed

Python Developer

ML Engineer. Working as a Machine learning and computer vision engineer in CV department also working in RND in latest deep learning and computer vision applications.

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Fahad Javaid

Frontend Developer

Fahad is a front-end developer builds the front-end portion of websites and web applications by using web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that allow users to access and interact with the site or app he is a skilled user interface creator & have a creative mind to make the designs more attractive.

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Mouz Ramzan

Frontend Developer

Mouz is responsible for of creating brand-new user-facing features, choosing the layout and structure of web pages, creating reusable code, accelerating page load speeds, and working with a range of markup languages to build the sites

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Ahmed Ali

React Native Developer

React Native Developer. Working with android/iOS framework for well-designed mobile applications.

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Tayyab Azeem

Quality Assurance Engineer

Exuberant young professional with intensive training in Software Quality Assurance Engineering. Ability to develop and execute software test plans in order to identify software problems and their causes.

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Ms Nayab

Hr Manager

Experience as Human Resource, who have shaped high-performing cultures at Fortune 500 and major growth brands with progressive Technical resources, prolific communications and robust development programs that, brought double-digit revenue growth.

Join Our Team

Join our team and be a part of a dedicated and innovative working environment.


Data Analyst Intern

We are looking for a passionate certified Data Analyst. The successful candidate will turn data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions.


Data Engineer Intern

You will use various methods to transform raw data into useful data systems. You’ll create algorithms and conduct statistical analysis. You’ll strive to aligning data systems with business goals.


DevOps Intern

We’re seeking an fledgling eager to learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud engineer with expertise in the strategy, design, development, and implementation of large-scale projects in the cloud.